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Donate to the Multiple System Atrophy CoalitionSM

The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition (formerly the SDS/MSA Support Group) is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization offering the following:

  • Support for multiple system atrophy patients and caregivers

  • Education to physicians, healthcare providers and patients/caregivers

  • MSA advocacy

  • Funding for MSA Research

As The MSA Coalition is run by volunteers a large percentage of all donations goes directly to the above activities.

Donate with a check:

The MSA Coalition
9935-D Rea Road, #212
Charlotte, NC 28277

Please make checks payable to: The MSA Coalition

The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition Memorial Envelopes

In lieu of flowers, please request these envelopes in memory of a loved one, family or friend by:

The Memorial Envelopes will be Federal Expressed overnight to you. Acknowledgments will be sent to the family and the gift and donation givers. All gifts and donations are tax exempt.

Donate Online with a Credit Card

Please click ion the "Donate Now" button in the upper right hand corner of any page on this website to use our online donation system.  If your donation is in honor or memory of someone you will be able to acknowledge them via our online donation service.

Why Donate to the SDS/MSA Support Group 

The Multiple System Atrophy Coalition has a continuing goal to increase both the number of donors and also the total dollar amount collected each year. The money raised will be used to fulfill our mission of providing support and education to those affected by SDS / MSA. In order to achieve our mission no donation will be too small or too large for a grateful acceptance.

How Your Donation is used

  • Typically, 75% of each donation received goes into The MSA Research Fund
  • The remaining portion of the donation is used to fund:
    •  Our core patient support activities, such as education for both healthcare providers and patients/caregivers, patient/caregiver support, and MSA advocacy.
    • Our administrative expenses which are kept low due to most work being done by dedicated volunteers.

Corporations are encouraged to sponsor "The Corporate Circle of Hope." In return for the financial support companies will receive sponsorship recognition, including logos and links to their websites.