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Study to evaluate the clinical effect of rasagiline on subjects with MSA of the parkinsonian subtype.

View the study on the website

TEVA Pharmaceuticals Industries, LTD
. is currently recruiting patients for a phase IIb clinical study designed to evaluate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of Rasagiline Mesylate 1 mg in patients with multiple system atrophy of the parkinsonian subtype (MSA-P).

Multiple system atrophy (MSA) is a neurodegenerative disease marked by a combination of symptoms affecting movement, blood pressure, and other body functions; hence the label "multiple system" atrophy. The cause of MSA is unknown.
The purpose of this study is to test the clinical effect of rasagiline on people with Multiple System Atrophy of the parkinsonian subtype (initials symptoms are similar to Parkinson’s disease).

Eligible Study participants will receive either rasagiline mesylate or matching placebo for 48 weeks and will be evaluated every 6 weeks by phone/or in-clinic visits.

People with signs of advanced MSA, people who are taking certain excluded medications, and people with other existing conditions will be excluded from the study. A detailed evaluation for eligibility will be conducted by the study physician.
More information including participating study sites may be found on the study’s webpage:

View the study on the website